Welcome Winnipeg Conquer Attendees!

Step 1 – Accountability Monitoring using Accountable2You - 20% discount!

Sign up for a 10 day free trial of the Individual ($5.59/month) or Family ($9.59/month) Accountable2You plan using the button below.  Then install it on all your (or your family’s) devices.

Note that nobody in the group can see your browsing data unless you add them as an Accountability Partner.


Step 2 – Filtering for less temptation and better device security using CleanBrowsing.org

Either use the free Adult filter or the discounted signup link to the fully featured service (recommended):

Discounted Signup: https://my.cleanbrowsing.org/register?plan=protect-young-eyes-discount

Free plan with no adjustable setting or reports: https://cleanbrowsing.org/getting-started


Step 3 for iPhones and iPads only – set up ScreenTime filter

Due to Apple’s security design, Accountability Apps force all internet traffic through a VPN.  This prevents filtering using CleanBrowsing, however you can use the built-in ScreenTime restrictions.